The aims of teaching science at Clarborough Primary School are consistent with our school philosophy and take account of the Nottinghamshire Curriculum Policy Document and the National Curriculum Non-Statutory Guidance for science. 

The aims of science are: 

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  • To enable children to develop their knowledge and understanding of the world they live in, through investigation of that world. 
  • To have the opportunity to take control and to pursue their own questions through practical and meaningful investigations. 
  • To provide a science curriculum which is broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated. 
  • To fulfil the requirements of the National Curriculum for science. 
  • To ensure the progressive development of scientific concepts, knowledge, skills and attitudes. 
  • Enable children to work scientifically in a range of appropriate contexts using a wide variety of materials and equipment. 
  • To promote positive attitudes towards, and enthusiasm for science in school.
  • To encourage and empower children to be creative in themselves.

Head Teacher: Mr Richard Bunn, BSc. Agric. (Hons), PGCE, NPQH
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